[Kyoryuger] Ian - derpy

[comic] "Strong" (PG/R)

This is a comic I made for Kejhia's annual 12h comic challenge. I couldn't join for the two past years so I was very glad to be able to this year :)! The prompt was the French was "strong" ("fort" in French) and it really did make me think of one Kamen Rider character in particular and Tokusatsu in general... so my story is very heavily tokusatsu-inspired :''D.
The original text is written in French but I added a ROUGH English translation under each page. Feel free to correct me if you find any mistake.

jun_01 copie


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[Den-o] Yuuto

Advent Calendar 2014

I really had fun making an advent calendar a few years ago so I'd like to do that again this year, during december. I'm not sure of the exact style I'll take, but it will probably be some sort of chibi.

The years from three years ago were nice, so I'm keeping them :3.

* Boh OCs and and fanarts are welcome!
* For fanarts, it's better if I know the series, but it is not a must as long as you include a good reference picture.
* Speaking of which, References are very appreciated.
* Feel free to include several choices if you want me to pick one myself.

I'm not putting a request number limit for the time being. It would be perfect if I were to get 24 requests, but if I get a bit more, it'll be alright (if I get a lot more, I'll just have to pick but I'll try to draw as many as I can!), and if I get less I'll manage somehow. So, go ahead and make your request!

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